Gina's Page

My involvement in the sport of purebred dogs began at birth in 1980. In fact, my Mom went into labor with me at a dog show. I grew up with Irish Wolfhounds and when I was old enough, began exhibiting them myself. I loved the Wolfhounds but longed for a dog to show that was more my style, like the whippet! But alas my parents thought Whippets were too fragile, so they got me a Labrador Retriever named Buckley in 1989. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and my hook into the sport of dogs. I showed Buckley in 4-H and went to state 5 years in a row, qualifying in both Showmanship and Obedience. We competed in AKC Junior Showmanship classes and, also, obedience trials where Buckley earned his CD. He also was a Canine Good Citizen. Buckley remained by my side for almost 15 years until we lost him in late 2004. Rest in peace my sweet boy: Sagi's Mister Buckley CGC, CD, December 1989 to October 2004.

Throughout the years I have had a few other Junior's dogs: a Norwich Terrier named Crumpet, a PBGV named Freckles, and 3 Basenjis, Burnie, Aida, and Gulliver. I also got more involved with the Wolfhounds and co-bred my first litter in early 2003. I love and enjoy all of the dogs both in the ring and at home, but I still yearned for a Whippet. Finally in 2002 I got my first Whippet. Unfortunately, this situation did not work out and I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of dealing with a reputable breeder. Fortunately, I soon found those reputable breeders in Suzanne Rosenbeck (Woodsia) and Louise Fleming (Barnwood). Sue and Louise helped me learn more about the breed and introduced me to some wonderful Whippet people. Thank you, Calvin Perry (Appraxin) and Jane Cooney-Waterhouse (Darjeeling), along with Sue and Louise, for entrusting me with your dogs.

My goal in the breed of Whippets is to ensure that the integrity of the breed stays intact. That the whippets I exhibit and eventually breed are wonderful specimens that remain true to the breed standard not only in conformation, but in temperament and athletic ability in other related activities. I am currently a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and I am a member of the Dayton Kennel Club.

I hope you enjoy my site!